For booking enquiries, interviews, media requests, distribution enquiries, unreleased material please email:

Unreleased CDs, Vinyl 12″, 7″ and LPs from the 80s are available to buy! Please make your enquiry to the above email.

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  1. Congratulations on the album Davy, what an unexpected find! I pull out my Nice albums/bootlegs every few years for a listen, as I love the group – your work on “Bonnie K” and “Cry of Eugene” especially is absolutely terrific. Then I do a search to see what new information might be available, and lo and behold I find this site! Glad to know you’re still creating, great stuff…

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  2. Id love to get your live cd.where can I get it?—&–the compilation,w/s.phillips???come to the usa!!


  3. Hi Joseph, Sorry it took me a while to get back to you I’ve been so busy with tour preparations. We’ve been doing Bonnie K live for some while but it has really changed for the better with the extra guitar and bass arrangements from Jordan Brown. Try this if you haven’t already

    You sent the first message on this new site I thank you for that and if there was anything else you would like to know please ask me. I have live versions of Bonnie K available on a CD with other tracks priced £16.00 plus post and packet. Best wishes, Davy


  4. Wow! Comment from USA. I’ve been listening for days now to Second Thoughts and two things are immediately obvious. Firstly, I can see now where Keith Emerson got his ideas on structure, phrasing and counterpoint – it was in large part from Davy! Secondly, any list (pardon the pun) of greatest guitarists that doesn’t’ include Davy WAY on TOP is worth crap – he is unique, brilliant, pure and 100% original and his sound can NOT be copied, aped or simulated. It’s either Davy O’List or cheap ersatz. Five tracks on the CD – each a superb masterpiece of true, pure prog/art rock. No fluff, cheap filler, just a masterpiece of true art. Thanks to Internet one can find this greatness amid all the commercial bubblegum pop based on “sales” thermometer and not on the true genius of a great artist. Many of the people from DVy’s era are still touring today – I wonder why? They sound tired and have nothing new to offer, just retreads of faded (admittedly good) stuff from the past. Davy has just makes true art of prog/art rock that sounds as fresh, new, exciting as it did in late sixties and seventies. Alas, one has to do some digging before finding it. But all the effort brings the reward of listening to greatest music one can imagine. Thanks Davy for keeping the flame alive!


  5. Been hoping “Second Thoughts” would get AutoRip enabled on so I could buy the CD and get the mp3s at the same time. No CD ripping ability at present. Any plans to do so?
    (Apologies for this doubtless irritating enquiry!)


  6. Davy thanks for your reply.Just checked and the mp3 version is £5.94 foŕ the album or £0.99 per track.
    If you or Soho Music could enable – or instruct Amazon to enable – AutoRip eligibility for direct-from-Amazon CD purchasers I would get the mp3 version for free.
    Anyway, looking forward to the new album in 2018!All the best!Charles


  7. Hi Davy
    Looking forward to The Futures Wild – any firm release date yet ?
    Just wondering if you could shed any light on a local mystery in my home town Liverpool. I remember an article in our local press a couple of years ago where you explained how you covered for the missing Syd Barrett at the Liverpool Empire gig in 1967 on the Hendrix/Floyd tour. In that article you mentioned you went wandering round the city on that day and saw the famous Cavern in Matthew Street. Where you perhaps accompanied by Mr Hendrix ? Its just that I am still a regular visitor to gigs at the Cavern but get annoyed with their claims that Jimi actually played there. As a longstanding Jimi fan of over 40 years I can find no evidence whatsoever to support this. Can you shed any light on this or even other Jimi events on that day or tour?
    Thanks in advance for any help – Cheers – Geoff


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