Skeletons Making Love fanzine review

It’s always great to get reviews from fans, especially when they’re as good as this. A huge thanks for Steve Snelling for this brilliant review.

Davy O’list Second Thoughts 2015 brand new music and CD. This CD has long been in the making and on a personal level I think this is Davy O’List masterpiece, the CD kicks off with the opening track Second thoughts which is a fine slice of top grade Progressive Rock and in short Davy O’list help helped and with many other visionaries helped and innovated this music, what people don t understand when they are listening to the first great seminal Roxy Music LP all the great guitar tracks for example re-make Re-model Ladytron ect was the Work and from the mind of Davy o list!but that is another story, 2nd track to the Stars is awesome and a nod to mother nature and flower power etc, The Emperor is awesome and a fine slice of masterful Progrock in its true form, Touch wood was my Live Favourite having seen the Davy o list band three times live and I was glad this was included on the cd, Bonnnie a Nice Classic thrown in for good measure and why not, Halfway to the stars is the outro track and is full of surprises and is over 14 minutes long and is indeed a trip to the stars.

I give this CD 10 out of 10