A New Interview in Classic Rock Magazine

A New Interview in Classic Rock Magazine.

It is interesting to see how this was a main feature in this months issue, as Classic Rock magazine also write about how props and scenery became part of The Nice set in their column ‘Ten things we learned from this months Classic Rock’


Davy O’List Tour

A funny thing happened to me at the Magenta gig last night at the Borderline in Soho London but there was no sausage firing this time.  Malcolm Dome the Prog Rock magazine writer introduced me to the Jon Patrick Agency who are Prog Rock specialists and they now booking Davy O’List in the UK and hooray a gig with Magenta is planned.   And tonight we added a new guitarist and singer Daniel Bowies so the sound is much bigger now with Dave Wagstaffe on drums, Robbie Knight on keyboards and Jordan Brown on bass. Cheers, Davy