New review in Record Collector

Another great review here, this time from Record Collector. There is also an interview coming up in a future issue of the magazine, but for now, here’s Chris Welch’s thoughts on the album.

The former singer, guitarist and composer who came to prominence with prog pioneers The Nice has spent “a period of light years” recoding this vibrant contribution to the living art of prog rock. Though O’List is a proto-guitar hero of the Brit school, Second Thoughts’ success lies in the human element that goes beyond mere technical expertise and pyrotechnics. When Davy’s voice intones the title track’s opening lyrics, following a strident guitar/keyboard introduction, he ushers in a mysterious mood that permeates throughout. 

Supported by gifted players committed to music-making as a joint venture, O’List has worked up a six-track odyssey that features cleverly wrought dynamic arrangements on which his emotive guitar is complemented by Andy Tillison’s exuberant keyboards, Paul Brown’s lyrical bass and David Wagstaffe’s explosive drums. A 14-minute magnum opus, Halfway To Heaven, bursts with ideas, with Davy’s voice, ever more haunting and poignant, complimented by a church organ that introduces a Gothic calm before the grand finale. Halfway to Heaven? Nah. They’ve arrived. 

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars